Maydwell Mascots, Designing and Manufacturing Mascots in Toronto

You see them almost everywhere. At games, carnivals, parties, parades, and many other events. You know there's a human inside, but have you ever met the people BEHIND the mascot?


How to inflate your tires with a Presta valve

There are two common types of valves that you will find on your bike. The first type is called a Schrader and is what you will find on most cars. These can be inflated with a regular pump or at a gas station.


How to take the front wheel of a bike off

When locking up your bike, taking it in your car, or doing a flat repair, you often have to take the front wheel off.


How to adjust your seat to the appropriate height

To adjust your seat height, start off by loosening the bolt or quick release where the seatpost slides into the frame.


Best Labels and Stickers in Toronto, Made in Canada By Twisted Sticker

We love finding great small business success stories. Mike Samson's Twisted Stickers is one of them.

Laid off from his 15 year career in the label and bar-code industry, Mike saw a niche and decided to start his own label printing company. He started small, from a home office, taking the short-run orders the big companies wouldn't even bother with; specializing in custom kids stickers, labels for around the home and for other small businesses.


How to properly fit a bicycle helmet for safety and comfort

Each person has a slightly different size and shaped head so finding a helmet that fits well is just as important as the adjustments that need to be done.


How to properly lubricate your bicycle chain

In order for you to keep your bike running smooth and safe, it is important to lubricate your chain regularly. This could mean once to twice a week for the daily commuter or once every two weeks for the casual weekend rider.


Robyn's Cookie Shop is a Hidden Treasure in Toronto

It's no secret around the office: the staff at TorontoNews24 knows a-thing-or-two about cookies. So, when we headed out to meet Robyn, of Robyn's Cookies (hidden near Yonge and Lawrence), we were expecting another tiny, overrated cookie shop.


Ella's Botanicals Handmade Cosmetics and Soap Shop

The next time you lather up after a hard day, think about this: that handmade organic soap you love may have been made by mom.


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