How to properly lubricate your bicycle chain

In order for you to keep your bike running smooth and safe, it is important to lubricate your chain regularly. This could mean once to twice a week for the daily commuter or once every two weeks for the casual weekend rider.

To do so, first start off by shifting your gears so that your chain is in the middle ring in the front and back. While leaning your bike up against a wall, slowly pedal backwards and apply the lube to the lower chain. Do this for 10 to 15 seconds. It is important to remember that you only want to be lubricating the inner part of the chain and not the outer, as too much oil will build up and make things worse.

Shifting the gears now will spread the lube evenly throughout. And with a quick wipe with a rag to clean up any extra oil, you and your chain are ready for your next ride.

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