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How to properly fit a bicycle helmet for safety and comfort

Each person has a slightly different size and shaped head so finding a helmet that fits well is just as important as the adjustments that need to be done.

The helmet should fit snug on your head and while level, should not rock side to side. This can sometimes be adjusted by either adding or removing padding or if the helmet has an adjustable range, using that to fit the size of your head.

The helmet should sit one to two fingers width above your eyebrow so that it gives you the protection you need.

The straps should make a Y shape just below either ear and the chin strap should not be more than two fingers in width or looking down, you should not choke yourself.

Just remember that a helmet should be replaced after a crash, that it should be comfortable and that it should fit you now and is not something you grow into.

If you need assistance with your bicycle just drop by one Cycle Solutions Bike Shops in Toronto.

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