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How to take the front wheel of a bike off

When locking up your bike, taking it in your car, or doing a flat repair, you often have to take the front wheel off.

The first step is to disconnect your brake. While there are many different types of brakes, most don’t require any tools, and can be done by hand by unhooking the cable. V-brakes, for example, are disconnected by pulling the cable to the left and out of it's groove while compressing the levers together. If you can’t disconnect the brake, you can always let some air out of the tire until it can slide past the brake pads.

All that is left is loosening off the bolt or quick release at the bottom of the fork. For the quick release, open the lever by pulling it out and away from the bike and then spinning it counter-clockwise a few times while holding the other end.

The wheel should drop freely now, and you can follow the same steps in reverse when you want to install it back on.

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